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This innovative App is used offline. No need for expensive internet connection Finally, a solution to the massive failure in JSCEWAEC, SSCE, NECO & JAMB exams is here! Over the year, abysmal performances have been recorded in our SSCE and JAMB examinations.

Within the last 10 years, the rate of failure in SSCE exams has been between 60%-70%, with many failing to obtain credit pass in Mathematics and English Language. This is not encouraging, especially for parents that have made huge investment and sacrifice to provide for their education. The reason for this massive failure is not farfetched. Students have abandoned the reading culture of ?burning the mid-night oil?. They are now seriously distracted by TV, and their smart phones.  It is very difficult to get them read their physical books. They rather prefer to play with their phones.

So, having an application that enables them to read on their mobile devices is not only timely, but will also help to improve their performance in JSCE, SSCE & JAMB exams
The secondary school E-learning application comes in a preloaded 8G memory card which is installed on mobile devices, computers, e-libraries. The student who installs it then registers as its user. To start using the application, he opens it to watch video lectures. For this, the student just sits down and observes a real classroom atmosphere teaching on his mobile device. This does not need the internet to operate, so it does not place any extra financial burden upon the student. As the teachings go on, the student has total control of his time and learning speed, a powerful tool which he has no control of in the classroom, for fear of looking dumb, by asking his teacher to repeat or slow down to enable him understand a new concept.
He can pause the lecture when he wants. If he is sent on an errand, he can stop the lecture and won?t miss anything. He can repeat a line of instruction if he so wishes. He can pick the subjects he finds most difficult in classroom and repeat the video tutorials as many times as he wants. The power of this approach is that the student no longer sees teaching and learning as one boring classroom exercise, but an exciting educational game which absolute control he has.